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i always need to need you when you're fleeting.

friends only.
tis alexx and please comment to be added.
doesn't really matter to me if we have a lot in common or not.
if you are cool, i'm cool, so lets be cool.
fandom and ship list, 'cause that's awesome.
fo banner by idk. i found it on tinypic.
if you know the maker, please direct me to them so i may pray at their alter.

adding | not adding

icons @ who_we_were
sawyer_juliet | sulietstillness | lockes

"this is not the end. it is not even the beginning of the end.
but, it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.
" -- winston churchhill

heartoutofstone √ alexx, alexx, alexx. i haven't known you on the ol' lj for very long but i think its safe to say you are probably the most insane / ridiculous person ever to have existed in ~cyberspace~. and i mean that in a totally good way. you're kind of an asshat sometimes (sorry my picspams are better than yours) but you're still the peanut butter to my jam, the physics to my o's, the jack to my crybabies, the old jeep to my nirvana and the elizabeth to my gargoyle.. i mean, josh. you would take a bullet for me i'm sure, and by bullet i mean copious amounts of rum and coconut shit. <3 we are icon making partners in crime. we're also making that cereal with the real physics and dainty juliet spoons and gargoyle handles for the boy spoons. you would also gladly pay the phone bill if i called you collect at your house in australia. i am glad that you made me the maid of honour for your wedding, where you will marry dominic monaghan. and then subsequently have jeremy davies' lovechild who i'll be forced to raise as my own because dominic would burn down rainforests if he knew. phew. BASICALLY, my lj life would suck without you. truer facts have not been spoken ever.

vinyamar √ Alexx is amazing, and not just because her name has TWO x's. She is the baby Benry to my Chicken Salad Sandwiches - trufax. We haven't been friends on LJ for that long - but we know from Lost that time has no meaning. SHE IS THE MOST ~*FANTASTICAL*~ LJ FRIEND IN THE HISTORY OF LJ FRIENDS. My flist would not be the same without her spazzy comments, her ~~ lines to emphazie comments, and her awesomesauce with a side of PWN. My life changed for the better when she appeared on my flist and now I can't imagine it without her. SHE HAS TAKEN MY TESTIMONIAL VIRGINITY - AND THAT MAKES HER 815X MORE AWESOME.

prettybutt √ Alex burns with the passion of Fabio in the sun.

inpeopleshapes √ Alexx is totally rad, in fact I am guessing her face is like on the page for 'rad' in the dictionary, because it is the EXACT word to describe her. From the moment I spotted her comments on Cait's LJ, I KNEW I wanted to be friends with her. She's crazy, in the most awesome way possible, and totally makes you feel welcome after like 0.2 seconds of knowing her. Her obsession with Stephen Hawking... I haven't decided if it's humourous or just plain scary. <3 Kidding. She is the biggest Sawyer/Juliet fangirl known to mankind, loves LIz Mitchell a bit more than should be humanly possible, is the Liz to my Becky, the Twix to my bar and whatnot. Even though I've not known her long, I consider her a really really good friend and always makes smile when I see she's posted an entry or a comment. She has also made me obsessed with 'tru fax' and is evil when it comes to Liz icons. Also, if I die any time soon, it was her who did it, with her Liz!cut-out. Tru fax. (see). Love you Alexx ;) (also, that always reminds me of the woman off CSI:Miami who I have always called 'Sugar Lady'... random... you don't have to put this bit in LOL).

angela_weber √ Alexx, in addition to being the best cliff-diver I know, is an EPICLY EPIC LJ FRIEND and a faithful devotee of the wonder and glory that is Suliet. Therefore, she is awesome. She's quite funny in that deadpan way and, showing the mark of a true friend, makes a point of not laughing at Jate too much in my presence. I've already commissioned her to write the inscription for my gravestone, actually. If that's not trust, I don't know what is. ♥

jenz1205 √ you and i have gone through some crazy lost episodes at liek four in the morning, me trying to catch up to current (which may never happen) and IMing you about what i have seen thus far. lol. good times my dear. good times. but yeah, al here, alexx for the rest of you, is one crazy ass chick and she is heck of a lot of fun to talk to. she has a liking for the captain like i do and she is me like 10 years ago, so she is definitely all right in my book. so yeah, that is my words about the awesome and crazy alexx.

if you'd like to leave a testimony dedicated to my awesome or lack thereof, please click and comment here. :)
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